Meet Our Camp Koolanu Director: Rabbi Uri Meyers

April 01, 2021
Kids playing soccer.

Summer is right around the corner and Camp Koolanu is preparing for the best summer ever with our new Camp Director, Rabbi Uri Meyers. Rabbi Meyers is a longtime educator, currently teaching in the lower school at the Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, Maryland and comes with a strong and well-rounded camp background working as a camp counselor, division head and learning Rebbe. With his humor, enthusiasm, and a passion for working with children, Rabbi Meyers is looking forward to joining the Koolanu family and sharing an amazing summer with all the Koolanu Campers! Get to know Rabbi Meyers better, below!

Q: Why is camp so important to you?
A: Camp offers children a safe and comfortable place where they can have fun and develop valuable cognitive and social skills, away from the typical school structure. Camp is a place for every kid, offering different activities to peak each child’s interests. I have seen campers find their internal strength and build self-esteem and believe every kid deserves the growth and learning opportunities camp gives.

Q: What do you hope kids will gain from this summer?
A: By the end of camp, I hope each child will remember having fun, trying new activities, gain new friends, and create memories they will remember for the rest of their lives. Camp Koolanu will be a place to spend time davening, learning, and take time to just have fun. With the adventures and activities planned, our campers will learn more about themselves and gain valuable team building, leadership, and communication skills to take with them into the new school year.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about taking over this position as Director of Camp Koolanu?
A: Camp Koolanu is one of a kind, with state-of-the-art facilities and a fun enriching atmosphere. The sky’s the limit in creating new ways to ignite our camper’s excitement and a love for learning. I look forward to bringing fresh and creative ways to make this summer the best one yet!

Q: What is Camp Koolanu’s plan for the health and safety of the campers as the pandemic continues?
A: Although much time will be spent indoors, our goal this summer is to once again be outdoors as much as possible, and we will be taking our special activities like baking, art, and science outside with us sometimes too! There will be lots of water play with sprinklers and swim time in the pool. We will have tents setup around camp to provide our campers with shaded areas while they enjoy playing and learning. With the Weinberg Park Heights JCC located in Baltimore City, masking is required indoors for as long as the mandate is in place. Based on the guidelines of local health and government officials, the JCC will provide any updates closer to the summer as well. 

Q: What is your plan for field trips?
A: We understand field trips provide children with an adventure, learning and exploring the world around them.  Our campers will get the fun, thrill, and entertainment of some off-site field trips and the joy of special “trip activities” being brought on-site as well. 

For questions or to apply, contact the Camp Koolanu office at 410-500-5948 or campkoolanu@jcc.org.

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