Meet Mary Eda Coleman: Stoler Early Learning Center, Administrative Assistant

October 27, 2021

Meet Mary Eda Coleman
Stoler Early Learning Center
Administrative Assistant 

Meet Mary Eda Coleman as our Administrative Assistant at the Stoler Early Learning Center in Owings Mills. Mary Eda joined our team just before the start of Noah’s Ark camp. Once a parent who brought her kids to see our Gordon Center shows, Mary Eda is now excited to be in her new role where she gets to apply her previous career experiences. Get to know more about Mary Eda in her interview. 

Q: Why are you excited to be at the JCC?
A: I love working around children and I love the values that are instilled in the children here at the J. The whole reason I know about the JCC is that when my kids were younger, I took them to the Gordon Center to experience their shows and productions.

Q: What is your role and what is it like day to day?
A: It’s always changing, very busy. I make sure that everything runs very smoothly and being a Jack of all trades, I do whatever needs to be done.

Q: What are some of your past experiences?
A: I used to be an elementary school teacher for 17 years and retired from teaching after I had my 2nd child. For the past 10 years before joining the JCC, I worked as an assistant manager for Weight Watchers. My new role here ties both of my previous careers together which is nice.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I enjoy spending time outside as well as cooking and gardening.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote/words to live by?
A: I live by the quote from the author Glennon Doyle which goes, “We can do hard things.” It’s something I say to my kids and to myself when I think something’s difficult. We can do hard things; we can get through this.

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