Meet Emily Stern: Chief Program Officer

March 14, 2022

Here at the JCC of Greater Baltimore, our members form our community and our staff is an extension of our family. One staff member, in particular, has grown personally and professionally with the JCC from a young age. You may know her as the Senior Director of J Camps, but recently, Emily Stern has been promoted to the executive team as Chief Program Officer. With her dedication to the JCC and its mission, passion and enthusiasm for our programs, and a selfless attitude towards helping others, it goes without saying that this milestone is well deserved. 

Attending Camp Milldale in grade school was Emily’s first experience at the JCC and by the age of 18, she was working at the J part-time as a camp counselor. Post-college back in 2008, Emily accepted a full-time position as an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Administrative Assistant in our preschool while she was attending grad school. Her career began progressing towards camp as she was the ECE Program Coordinator during the year and Noah’s Ark Camp Director in the summer. Emily continued her Noah’s Ark position as she stepped into her new role as the Director of Children Services (now known as J Kids). All these experiences prepared her for the role as Senior Director of J Camps and for the past six years, Emily has helped evolve J Camps into the success it is today! Emily’s love for camp will still be prevalent as she prepares to onboard the new senior director of J Camps. While it will be a transitioning summer, Emily will be very hands-on throughout the onboarding process. 

In this new position, Emily will be overseeing our Center for Youth and Families which entails overseeing J Camps, J Kids, youth Sports and Recreation and starting in October, Baby & Me and the Stoler ELC. Emily will be working closely with the directors who will be moving these platforms forward and act as the managing supervisor in each of those areas. 

Most people dream of working at a place where it feels like home. For Emily, this is a reality–she grew up playing, working, and volunteering at the JCC. She is now raising her children here at the J. Just as any parent would be, Emily is thrilled to have her own family be part of a wonderful community that holds a special place in her heart. Emily endearingly says, “I’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow and there is a community aspect you can’t find everywhere. [The JCC] offers a little bit to everyone–it’s a very open and inclusive place.” 

Fun Fact: Emily still has her 2nd grade Camp Milldale photo. Keep an eye out for a Throwback Thursday social media post! 




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