Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2020

On behalf of the JCC Board of Directors chaired by Randi Buergenthal, and our incredibly dedicated team of professionals, I want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Despite the changes to this year’s celebration, we can still share gratitude for what we value personally and as a community. 

In these challenging and even heartbreaking times, we can have an appreciation for life and the silver linings for which we are grateful.   Each of us also has an opportunity to make a difference in our community. 

Along with enjoying the culinary favorites of Thanksgiving, consider setting up a video call with family and friends. Reach out to older relatives and neighbors to ensure they feel loved and supported. Consider helping the neediest and most vulnerable by donating food and clothing especially coats to keep people warm. We can also express gratitude by making a donation to The Associated which coordinates social services and enables our JCC to remain open to serve the community. 

Personally, and professionally, I have seen my loved ones and colleagues – both JCC staff and members—experience tremendous pain and loss this past year. I hope everyone can find the 24 hours of Thanksgiving as a time to experience gratitude and feel optimistic about the future. 

My gratitude today goes out to our beautiful and diverse community and our team of professionals who put their heart and soul into keeping the JCC relevant in our lives. There truly is something special about the JCC and our community. 

In gratitude,  
Barak Hermann 
CEO, JCC of Greater Baltimore 

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