Shabbat candle lighting: 7:48pm

JCC Swim Test Policy

We encourage everyone using the pool to take a swim test, including adults. Adult members and guests who want to use our special equipment or participate in special activities are required to pass the swimmer’s test in order to participate.

Beginner: No test, but non-swimmers participating in camp or swim lessons may be asked to demonstrate what they can do.

Intermediate: This test requires swimming two lengths of the pool, one on front and one on back. This is followed by demonstrating the ability to tread water and float on the back. Intermediate swimmers are allowed to be in water by themselves up to their chest and may participate in supervised special event activities.

Deep Water Swimmer: This test is three lengths (25 yards) of steady, continuous swimming on the front and one length on the back, followed by a demonstration of floating and treading. This test is required for those under the age of 18 to swim in the deep section of the pool without direct personal supervision. During the summer, this test is also required for participating in “deep water” special events and using the pool’s climbing wall.