Text Alert Sign Up

Learn about weather-related closings or delays affecting our buildings.
Find out about last minute cancellations of fitness or aquatics classes.
Get a heads up on basketball gym closings.

To sign up for each of these alerts individually please follow the instructions below:
Caps or no caps – no difference, but must have space between “join” and second word.

Building Closings/Delays: text join alerts to 410.994.7654
Owings Mills Group Fitness Cancellations or Changes: text join groupxOM to 410.994.7654
Park Heights Group Fitness Cancellations or Changes: text join groupxPH to 410.994.7654
Pool Closings: text join poolOM or join PoolPH to 410.994.7654
Basketball Gym Closings: text join basketball to 410.994.7654
Pickleball Changes: text join pickleball to 410.994.7654

If your attempt to sign-up is successful, you will get a confirmation message to which you need not reply.