Pouches, pockets, and tri-cornered hats.

March 18, 2016

Pouches, pockets, and tri-cornered hats.

Sweet & Savory Treats for a Sweet Future! 

Did you know that in Israel and in many other countries they don’t call hamantaschen “hamantaschen”?

Rather, they refer to the sweets as “Haman’s ears,” or oznei Haman, symbolizing victory against the villain who attempted to kill the Jews of ancient Persia.

There are multiple other interpretations of Hamantaschen  —  Haman’s deep pockets, Haman’s tri-cornered hat.

In German, “Taschen” means “pocket” or “pouch.”

In medieval Europe, eaters enjoyed a poppy filled baked good called Mohntaschen. “Mohn” was German for poppy or poppy seed. Some now think that Purim’s sweet treats were adopted as part of the celebration simply because “mohn” and “Haman” sounded similar — the symbolism, they say, came later.

Regardless of the origin, meaning, or filling of your hamantaschen, they all make great additions to mishloach manot (food baskets for the needy).

Looking for some unconventional Hamantaschen ideas this Purim. Check out these clever options we found.

Colorful & Kid-friendly      

Take an afternoon and bake some incredible, clever Hamantaschen. Experiment with rainbows and funfetti, cheesecake fillings and even Rice Krispies! You and the kids will have a ball.

Rainbow Hamantaschen
Funfetti Cheesecake Hamantaschen
Pop Tart Hamantaschen
Rice Krispies Treats Hamantaschen
Traditional Hamantaschen


Make a meal of your Hamantashen. From egg rolls to tacos, to easy pulled BBQ brisket hamantaschen, the sky is the limit for these playful appetizer-inspired concoctions.

Egg Roll Hamantaschen
Taco Hamantaschen
Cheddar Biscuit Hamantaschen
Easy Pulled BBQ Brisket Hamantashen
Balsamic Red Onion Hamantaschen

Dairy and/or Gluten Free

Don’t let a little food allergy stop you from enjoying the holiday. Here’s a selection of everything from Gluten Free Vegan to Sushi Hamantaschen!

Dairy Free Hamantaschen
Gluten Free Vegan Hamantaschen Cookies with Poppy Seed Filling, Refined Sugar Free
Date and Almond Hamantaschen
Sushi Hamantaschen

Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate lovers will fall absolutely head over heels for some of these special treats. Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen, Cannoli Hamantaschen, Black and White Cookie Hamantaschen — need we say more?

Mint Chocolate Hamantaschen
Black and White Cookie Hamantaschen
Triple Chocolate Hamantaschen
Cannoli Hamantaschen
S’more Hamantachen


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