Meet Payten Coston

January 20, 2020

TNT Camper 2018 & 2019

How did you learn about the TNT program at the JCC?
We learned about TNT through friends in the community and then we explored the website. The JCC’s website was user friendly and provided great information about the TNT program. Additionally, the parent information session was very informative and organized.

You did two years with TNT? Why did you decide to return? What did you gain from the program?
We did two years of TNT because it was a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to make new friends of diverse backgrounds and provide service to others. TNT at the JCC is a well-run program with dedicated staff members and caring adults. The JCC is a safe environment and promotes growth and success for all students as witnessed through their TNT of the Week Program. Equally important, my daughter enjoyed the afternoon electives, the café and free time to swim with her friends. She gained maturity and a deeper understanding of others around her that different based on race or religion.

What would your daughter say to other kids considering TNT?
My daughter would tell other kids that it is a great program for the summer. They would have the opportunity to attend 8 weeks or just 4. Each week is filled with a new adventure and a theme. Additionally, you get to go to Hershey Park for day with your friends.

What are some of Payten’s favorite memories from her two summers here at the J?
Some of her favorite memories include going to Hershey Park, meeting the students visiting from other countries, learning how to make Challah, working in the preschool and socializing with friends.

Please note limited TNT openings are still available for summer 2020. Learn more

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