Host a Shaliach and build your family’s connection to Israel

May 15, 2023
A group of people.

Summer is a new season and a perfect time to create those new family experiences. It’s like diving into the pool and into a new adventure with your family. A great family adventure to consider is hosting one of our J Camps Shlichim for part of the Summer. Help our Shlichim on their own camp adventure.

Imagine welcoming a Shaliach into your home. Cooking shakshuka, a delicious Israeli egg dish for breakfast together. Taking them to your favorite places in Baltimore. Learning about Israeli culture, even picking up some Hebrew, and so much more. Creating a lasting relationship with your family. Maybe even one day traveling to Israel with your family and visiting the Shlichim in their hometowns.

Past host families have shared how rewarding hosting a Shaliach is. They truly become a part of your family. What makes the experience so special is all the things you are able to learn from each other. Being able to share the similarities and the differences between Israeli and American traditions and culture.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Ariel Platt at 410.559.3594 or Session One is 6/14-7/16, and Session Two is 7/16-8/20. You do not have to have a child attending the J Day program in order to host. Be a part of this rewarding experience and give your family the adventure of a lifetime! 

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