Mary Bell: Assistant Director – Member & Guest Services, OM Sales Office

January 08, 2023

Join us as we give a warm welcome to Mary Bell, our new Assistant Director of Member & Guest Services at the OM Sales Office. Her encounter with Lynne Kness outside of the JCC led her to this position and we are thrilled that their paths crossed. Mary’s passion for community service within the health & fitness realm in addition to her values of growth and diversity make her a perfect fit for the J.

Q: Why are you excited to be at the JCC?  
A: People, Community, Diversity & Growth.  I came to The JCC organically after Lynne Kness & I connected outside of our workplaces at a second job I have, where she was a customer in the Spring of 2022.   We decided to meet for coffee in May and found we had a lot in common from our career paths from “Retail Management” to Sales & Management in the Health & Fitness industry to our passion for helping the community we serve find their health & fitness passion.  An opportunity presented itself to join The JCC under Lynne’s leadership & here I am!  

Q: What does your role entail & can you walk us through a typical day?  
A: As the Assistant Director of Membership Sales & Guest services I will be focused on strengthening & creating new opportunities for our team to grow our JCC membership internally thru programs as well as engaging in more outreach.  Like any service-oriented business, keeping our current members happy & engaged at our facilities is key to growth.  I’m currently learning the JCC systems & how business is/has been done while making notes and discussing in real time, where I/we see opportunities to enhance our new member experience (Retention) from the front door to their first workout as a member.  Stay tuned.   

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?  
A: Spend quality time with family & friends, workout, travel, beach… games.  

Q: Do you have a favorite quote/word to live by?  
A: Move with Purpose!

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