Growing, Connecting and Enjoying While Working at the ELC

April 03, 2023
A staff member reading a book to a child.

When asked what makes working at the Stoler Early Learning Center a wonderful experience, Maia Bar Am shared her JCC journey and why she loves her job and the benefits it offers. Here is what she had to say:

I started working at the J in 2018 working for J Camps with the Kindergarten J Day bunk, and then J Day Jr. I love working somewhere energetic where I feel a real connection with the kids. I had considered working for the ELC since my first summer, and it finally coordinated to work here with the schedules of my own 6 children. This school year. I am thrilled to work somewhere that mirrors my own child-led and play-based learning philosophy on early childhood education.

A staff member reading a book to two children.

Working at the J also means my family enjoys a free family membership, including the wonderful Aquatics center. And I’ve been taking advantage of the “Free for the 1st/50% off for any others” J Camps discounts for my own children since I started working here in 2018.

My role as a “Floater” for the ELC is somewhat unique, in that I get to directly interact with so many classes and feel that I truly know the majority of the children enrolled here. I love knowing that I’m making a lasting positive impression on their early childhood experiences, growth, and development. I know that I’m giving the kids here exactly what they need for healthy physical, social, emotional, and academic growth. 

I really enjoy working with a team of like-minded so individuals – especially that we always value ongoing professional development and striving to implement best practices when it comes to developmentally appropriate activities. I know my feedback is valued by our leadership team, and that my role as one of their staff is always appreciated. 

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