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Shabbat candle lighting: 6:40pm

Drawing & Painting

Whether you are inspired by nature, cartoon characters, or the intricacies of the human face, our painting and drawing classes are designed to challenge and engage your inner artist. With the support and advice of our experienced teachers you will learn new techniques that will enable you to enhance your skills and your artistic perspective.

For children's programs, contact Brad Kerxton | 410.559.3547 |
For adult classes, contact Marilyn Zvili | 410.559.3510 |

*OM = Owings Mills location, PH = Park Heights location

Drawing & Painting - Youth

Cartoon Creations (PH)
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Join the Drawsters cartooning adventure! Abrakadoodle's one of a kind drawing program will introduce young artists to the creative world of cartooning. Sequential lessons allow children to build drawing skills while gaining confidence!

For more information contact Mary Gipe at 410.500.5970 or email

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Kids on Canvas (PH)
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Abrakadoodle’s instructional art classes offer the opportunity for budding artists to develop their skills while designing unique creations! Artists in Kids on Canvas will explore painting on various canvas materials.

Weinberg Park Heights JCC

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Really Big, Gigantic and Teeny Tiny Art (OM)
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NEW! J Kids Afterschool has partnered with Abrakadoodle. Students will use their imagination and creativity to create really big, gigantic, and teeny tiny art including sculptures and collages through various drawing methods.

Questions? Contact Brad Kerxton | 410.559.3547 |

Drawing & Painting - Adults

Portrait Drawing (PH)
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Work with pastels using a live model. Emphasis is on head construction, light and shadow, and composition. In Partnership with CCBC. Minimum 13 students. 

Weinberg Park Heights JCC

Questions? Contact Marilyn Zvili | 410.559.3510 |​​

Watercolor (PH)
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This course examines a variety of techniques and subjects. Students will explore still life and landscapes. Some classes will be held at scenic locations. In Partnership with CCBC. Minimum 13 students.

Weinberg Park Heights JCC

Questions? Contact Marilyn Zvili | 410.559.3510 |​​