Join the JCC

Joining the JCC is as easy as 1•2•3 !


1. Complete the necessary paperwork 

There are several forms that our membership staff will need in order to process your application: A membership application, a joining fee form and (if you choose to spread your payments over the year) a credit card agreement. You can download the membership application and joining fee form here and complete them in advance of your visit to our membership office or you can also fill them out with a membership coordinator when you come in.

If you choose to spread your payments over a year, the credit card agreement for that must be filled out with a Membership Coordinator.

The JCC's joining fee is a one-time tax deductible donation to your choice of the JCC Capital Endowment Fund or the ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. As long as your membership does not lapse for greater than a year, you will not be responsible for paying the joining fee more than once.

2. Meet with a Membership Coordinator 

You don't need an appointment, just come on in! We'll answer all your questions, take you on a tour if you haven't already had one and get your paperwork processed swiftly.  We are happy to get to know you and we can get you connected to the staff, programs and services that suit you the best.

3. Say Cheese! 

We'll take your picture for security purposes and you will receive a small key-chain card. We ask that you bring this with you each time you visit.

Now you are ready to join your friends in all your favorite JCC activities.

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