Shabbat candle lighting: 4:25pm

J Life

Welcoming and inclusive, J Life connects families with the joys of Jewish traditions and to new friends and community.  J Life is designed to build meaningful memories for families as they celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays in fun and creative ways.  J Life supports individuals as they create new traditions within their family and community. Any and all families — including LGBTQ, multi-racial, and/or interfaith families are invited and welcome.

J Life’s on-campus programming and activities include a mix of larger community-wide signature events, smaller targeted programs, and events coordinated across different JCC departments.  It also features community service opportunities, and the ability to connect families with a variety of Jewish community resources.

To learn more, contact Rabbi Ariel Platt, Director of J Life, at

J Life is made possible thanks to the generous support of The Meyerhoff Family Foundation