The Jewish Grandparents Network Lands in Baltimore

July 25, 2023

David Raphael, Jewish Grandparents Network (JGN) Co-Founder & CEO, shares his thoughts on the exciting initiative that focuses on Jewish Grandparents and enriching Jewish life.

When thinking about the Jewish Grandparents Network, now in its fifth year of existence, I think of my grandchildren. I think of a photo of Hallel, who just turned two, walking around with his older sister’s rain boots draped over his arms. Like Hallel, we are still figuring things out. We are exploring how to maximize the truly remarkable knowledge, resources, and content we have developed these past years for the benefit of grandparents, their families, and the organizations that serve them.

Hallel’s older sister Bina is in kindergarten at a Jewish day school; she is learning a mile a minute. Last month, Bina, her mother, and I spent ten minutes on the phone thinking of all the Hebrew words that begin with the letter “mem.” Morah, mishpachah, menorah, and so on. I am astonished.

The same is true of the Jewish Grandparents Network. We continue to learn much about grandparents, and how best to provide the content and resources that will best address their needs and interests and support their essential roles as transmitters of Jewish values, customs, stories, and traditions and their roles in today’s changing intergenerational families. Additionally, we continue to invest in research and fact-finding in all of our new initiatives.

Watching my grandchildren grow, learn, and discover is a great blessing. So too is the support, guidance, and partnership of community leaders, foundations, and funders that have enabled JGN to grow, learn and discover. Several weeks ago, the leadership of JGN gathered in Baltimore. We spent much time in deep conversation about JGN’s mission, vision, and value proposition. We are pleased to share these with you:

A Jewish world that embraces grandparents as vital to our families, our communities, and our future.

The Jewish Grandparents Network is a national organization that educates, connects, and supports grandparents as essential partners in enriching Jewish life.

The Jewish Grandparents Network is the only Jewish organization singularly focused on grandparents and their families. Guided by research and expertise, we work collaboratively with organizations and communities to advance Jewish life.


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