Sukkot 2019

October 11, 2019

This Sunday evening we usher in the holiday of Sukkot, a week long harvest festival, in which we remember the exodus from Egypt and the 40 years of wondering in desert. Traditionally, each household will build a Sukkah – a ritual booth. This holiday has both historical and agricultural significance. A holiday with many names, it is known as the “Festival of Booths,” the “Festival of the Ingathering,” and the “Season of our Joy.” Sukkot starts this Sunday night October 13 and runs through October 20th. The temporary huts we build during this time remind us both of the abundance of nature, and the precariousness and preciousness of life on earth. We celebrate Jewish peoplehood and shared history and welcome ancestors and friends, dwelling in our Sukkot, eating festive meals, singing and reveling in the autumn sounds and smells. If you don’t have a Sukkah, please join us in ours!! Both the Park Heights and the Owings Mills Js have community Sukkot with tables and chairs for festive meals. Please let us know if you plan on coming by sending an email to Sara Shalva at

On the eve of October 20th through October 22nd we celebrate the festivals of Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah in which we rejoice in completing the reading of the Torah (the old testament).

Due to the holiness of these holidays the JCC will be closed for several days, but in between we invite you to join in the holiday fun!

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