Rosh Hashana: The Year of Trying New Things

September 22, 2022
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By Rabbi Ariel Platt, Director of J Life

Are your children picky eaters? Will they only eat mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, pizza, or hotdogs? I hear you. My kids, my daughter especially, are incredibly picky. Which is why I laughed to myself as I read out loud the book, Something New for Rosh HaShanah, by Jane Yolen that my daughter recently received from PJ Library.

The story is about a little girl named Becca who refuses to eat anything new. Sound familiar! Not to give the entire story away, but the book ends with Becca trying a new food. No surprise here, she likes the new food, and is excited to try more new foods each new year. 

I share this story with you because it inspired me to reframe what Rosh HaShanah means for me this year. Rosh HaShanah is about more than reflecting on the past, and getting a blank slate for the new year. As this book reminded me, Rosh HaShanah is also a reminder to try new things. Something I have been missing these past few years.

It is so important as we are goal setting for the new year to add a sprinkling of new things to try. Like this year it is a goal for my family to go on at least one exciting adventure a month, which means a new activity or place to explore.

So during this Rosh HaShanah I encourage you to sit with your family, and make a list of new things you want to try this year.

L’Shanah Tovah!

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