Purim Holiday Greetings from Rabbi Jessy Gross

February 23, 2018

Purim Holiday Greetings from Rabbi Jessy Gross

As many of you know, we will soon celebrate Purim – it is a holiday of excess, of silliness, of pride and revolution and brings with it a theme of flipping things as we know it on their head. Many understand Purim as a time for outlandish consideration and musings as a necessary step to preparations for the more narrow and strict observances that come with Passover/Pesach.

This week, we celebrated the beginning of the month of Adar…we understand that Adar is our happiest month on the Jewish calendar and when it is a leap year, we add an EXTRA month of Adar because we like to extend our happiness whenever possible. Jewish tradition teaches that just entering into the month of Adar, joy increases in the world.

The question becomes: How do we feel joy when there is also so much brokenness in the world? This is an essential question we must all be asking in light of last week’s events and another devastating shooting. It is a juxtaposition that the holiday also presents…a time for silliness and debauchery built on the foundation of a story about an attempt at mass extermination, minority oppression and evil plots. As we move out of the week and into the restfulness of the weekend and Shabbat – I wanted to offer the following wish for our community – may we navigate the brokenness in the world in order to find ways to still experience joy. May we recognize that there is all too often pain and devastation in the same moment where others experience joy. And may we recognize that the story of Purim is about those who took a stand and were able to figure out their power in the face of adversity and struggle.

Wishing you an adar tov (Happy Adar) with wishes that our joy will increase and a deep breath as we hold those who are feeling pain and loss in this season with hopes that soon the brokenness in our world will be flipped on its head.

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