Meet Our New Gordon Center Directors

December 14, 2017

Meet Our New Gordon Center Directors

Alyson Bonavoglia, Artistic Director

The JCC of Greater Baltimore is thrilled to announce that Alyson Bonavoglia has been named the new Artistic Director of the Gordon Center for Performing Arts. Since 2014 Alyson has served as Community Engagement Coordinator and Director of the Baltimore Jewish Film Festival.

“I have been involved in many aspects of the Gordon Center — from designing events with Associated agencies and partners in the Baltimore arts community, to writing grants to government and private foundations, to working with the film committee to bring the best in new Jewish interest movies to Baltimore. I see my deepening engagement with the community as crucially informing my work as Artistic Director.”

The Gordon Center, Alyson says, is “a true community gathering place,” and as such it “will continue to present art that delights, educates, and challenges patrons.”

The Gordon season will continue to be built on the multi-disciplinary framework developed over the past five years–music, dance, family shows, film, theater, and, “we are looking at offering more music programming, both on the stage and in the classroom through artist residencies.”

A native of Brooklyn, NY, Alyson has lived in eight cities including Leuven, Belgium. She is a graduate of Tufts University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Psychology. She also earned a Master’s degree in cultural anthropology from the University of California, San Diego.

Inspired by anthropologists when working as a human factors engineer for Xerox several years ago, Alyson studied how people work together, an experience on which she now draws to bring groups together to design arts and culture experiences.

Artistic productions that have made impressions on Alyson include the films Frozen River (2008), Wings of Desire (1987), and The Hours (2002), and the play Blackbird with Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels was unforgettable.

Peter Michaelson, Senior Director of Theater and Live Music

The JCC is pleased to announce that Peter Michaelson has been named Senior Director of Theater and Live Music of the Gordon Center for Performing Arts. Peter will continue to be responsible for all “back of house” operations which includes all technical operations and staffing of the Gordon Center facility. In his new role, Peter has also assumed management of the “front of the house” — box office, house managers, ushers, concessions, and merchandise and reconciliations. Peter will also remain the main point of contact for all outside rentals of the Gordon Center. 

Peter began his career in Music Education and Commercial Music Production and has served in increasingly larger roles in tour production and building and event center management over the last several years.

Peter says, “I want the Gordon Center to be a destination for patrons to see amazing events whether they be community events or major concerts. To that end, every show we do is the most important show we will ever do.”

Over the last few years, Peter has overseen the implementation of a new infrastructure for the Gordon Center including the installation of a new sound system. Lighting upgrades are in process and then, says Peter, we will start refurbishing the lobby, theater and all patron areas.

Born in Oklahoma City and raised in Orange County, California, Peter and his wife Heather now live in Owings Mills.  Peter is especially proud of his dog Portia, who has appeared on ESPN and starred in a local ad campaign.

Favorite live productions for Peter include Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking, Les Miserables, and Pink’s live concerts.

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