Meet Jasmine Alvarado: Talent Management and Program Coordinator

March 07, 2024
The entrance of the JCC building.

Join us in giving a warm welcome to Jasmine Alvarado, our new Talent Manager & Program Coordinator at the Stoler Early Learning Center! She has a background in healthcare and recruitment, as well as experience working with children in childcare and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. Jasmine enjoys spending time with family and finding the best taco spots in town. Learn more about Jasmine in the interview below.

What excites you about being at the J?

One of the things that excites me about joining the J is its amazing work culture. From my initial phone screening to working daily on the job, the staff has been incredible. The workplace is welcoming and inclusive, making it a place I look forward to coming to every morning.

How did you come to your position? 

I discovered my current position through the online job board, Indeed. Shortly after applying, I had the pleasure of speaking with Emily Stern. Our interaction quickly heightened my excitement for the opportunity.

What do you like most about your job?

I love having the opportunity to work with such bright and amazing little ones, as well as a fantastic team. It is truly rewarding to see how our work directly contributes to their growth and development. Even though I am in an administrative position, it is still very hands-on, and it allows me to experience many exciting events.

Describe your typical day.

My typical day in childcare is full of variety, which keeps things exciting! Some days involve searching and screening for talented individuals to join our team of superstar teachers, while others require us to assist with upcoming program events. We also spend time with the children, playing and learning together, and focus on Maryland EXCELS to enrich our program.

Who were your childhood heroes?

During childhood, my older sister and brother were my heroes. They have played a crucial role in my life, both then and now. They taught me the importance of faith, integrity, kindness, and determination. Through their hard work, doing the right thing, and maintaining faith, they have shown me that anything is possible. I am extremely grateful to have such an amazing family.

What is one accomplishment you’re most proud of?

One of my proudest accomplishments was working in an assisted living facility as a leader in their medical dementia department during the beginning and peak of the COVID pandemic. While it was a challenging time, I was able to provide much-needed assistance to those who required it most.

What is one thing few people know about you?
When I was 10 years old, I moved to El Salvador without knowing any Spanish. Despite the initial challenges, this experience allowed me to become fluent in the language and fully immerse myself in my culture and roots. Through this immersion, I discovered my deep love for my culture and a strong connection to nature.

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