Meet Evan Taub: Middle School and Teen Services Coordinator at Owings Mills

March 12, 2022

Join us as we give a warm welcome to Evan Taub, our new Middle School and Teen Services Coordinator. Growing up, Evan was a camper for seven years at URJ–Union for Reform Judaism’s Camp Coleman in Georgia and spent two summers as a staff member while being on their leadership team. He graduated with a bachelor’s in education from Syracuse University and relocated to Jacksonville, FL to take on the role of youth director/CLASP Fellow (Camp Leader And Synagogue Professional) for Congregation Ahavath Chesed. We are thrilled to have Evan on our team and get to wish him a happy birthday as he turns 26 in April. We know that he will make lasting experiences for everyone at our JCC!

Q: Why are you excited to be at the JCC?
A: I am so excited to be at the JCC because of the wonderful community. Growing up in a small town with a small Jewish population was difficult and I am looking forward to stepping into a community that I can feel comfortable and safe in.

Q: What is your role and what are you looking forward to bringing to this new role?
A: My role is the Middle School and Teen Program Coordinator. I am looking forward to bringing my passion for camp. I loved being a camper and being a staff member at URJ Camp Coleman so much. A great summer experience can be extremely impactful on someone’s life and how they develop as a person. It is my goal to bring the same joy and purpose that I had at camp to the entire JCC family.

Q: What has your work experience been that has led you to become the JCC’s Middle School and Teen Coordinator.
A: I have worked as a Camp Counselor and Unit Head, I was a Youth Director for a Temple, and I’ve been a Personal Trainer. The combination of all my work experiences has brought me here to Baltimore. I enjoy helping people in any capacity, I love camp, and I am very passionate about Judaism and its teachings. This position checked off a lot of my passions and I am so excited to start my journey.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
A: I enjoy playing sports and being active by going to the gym. I also enjoy baking and being creative by painting. I also love watching old tv shows, playing video games, and trying new things.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote/words to live by?
A: “Always follow your bliss. Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops and keep doing it until the people who are looking for you find you. Stay put.” – Dan Harmon

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