Get to Know MSLC: Rylan, Ella, Josh, Noah, and Jonah

November 09, 2022

We asked our Middle School Leadership Council members to share some thoughts about this fantastic program.
Check out what they had to say!

Rylan F: A soccer and lacrosse player from Franklin Middle School. Rylan has been involved with the JCC since preschool.
Ella F: A lacrosse player and baker who attends Franklin Middle School who has been involved with the JCC since pre-k.
Josh E: Josh is a sports fan who attends Franklin Middle School. He has been involved with the JCC since he was 2 years old. 
Noah H: An 8th grader from Pikesville Middle School who loves to exercise. Noah has been involved with the JCC for a few years.
Jonah R: A Krieger Schechter student who loves to run and play video games. Jonah has been involved with the JCC for 6 years.

Josh Epstein     
                          Josh E.                    

                           Ella F. 

Why should someone become involved with MSLC?
Rylan F: They can meet new people and learn more about how to be a strong leader.
Ella F: To learn about their religion and make friends.
Josh E: To have fun.
Noah H: To get in touch with their Judaism.
Jonah R: To learn to meet new people.

What is the most important thing you have learned from MSLC? 
Rylan F: I’ve learned how to talk to people and grow my leadership skills.
Ella F: It is important to have fun while learning.
Josh E: Leadership.
Noah H: How to run a program.
Jonah R: Community matters. You can learn from everyone.

What is your favorite thing about MSLC? 
Rylan F: Getting to run MSLC and going on the retreat.
Ella F: Learning and making friends.
Josh E: The people.
Noah H: Interacting with others.
Jonah R: Getting to meet new people and the JCC Community.

If you could describe MSLC in one word, what would it be? 
Rylan F: Leadership, because that’s what MSLC is all about
Ella F: Leadership. 
Josh E: Leaders, because that is what we are learning.
Noah H: Interactive, because we are working together.
Jonah R: Community. You meet people from all over Baltimore.

If you could choose one famous teen to join MSLC, who would you choose and why? 
Rylan F: I choose Pressley Hosbach.
Ella F: Jojo Siwa; She is cool and I like her.
Josh E: Zach Chazen; he’s my best friend.
Noah H: No one.
Jonah R: Unanswered. 

Know a middle schooler in grade 6-8? Visit Leadership & Service | Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore ( for more information about MSLC.

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