Park Heights Campus Redevelopment

The JCC is thrilled to announce the redevelopment of the Park Heights campus, now renamed the Goldsmith Campus.

In addition to a completely renovated Center for Sports & Wellness for the JCC, the new community campus will feature offices for The Associated’s headquarters, the establishment of the Ellen W.P. Wasserman Jewish Library of Baltimore, and the creation of a new multipurpose conference space for the community.


The renovations to the building will be done in four to five phases over a period of 18 to 24 months. While the exact timing for each phase may shift, the construction will take place in the following order:  

PHASE 1 Mobilization and Pre-Construction Work

PHASE 2  Beginning May 19, 2024 | 6-9 Months

  • Begin construction on front of building, current lobby, preschool wing, and second floor (which will be used for Associated offices)
  • Begin using the café atrium as the temporary entrance, including front desk, security desk and membership office
  • Learn more about changes to the main entrance, accessible parking, Studio One class location and Gymnasium schedules. Review Before Your Next Visit >

    During the majority of Phases 1 and 2 all of the normal Sports & Wellness facilities will continue to be operational for members. We will update with any changes.

PHASE 3 4-6 Months
Renovation of the lower level, including fitness center, locker rooms and more!

PHASE 4 — 1-2 Months
Provide final touches to the gymnasium and the auditorium

Frequently Asked Questions

Note this list will continue to be updated. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered yet please fill out the form at the link below.

Construction will begin in early spring 2024.  There are several phases and the entire renovation is expected to end by August/September 2025.

See the phases 1-4 listed above.

The cafe atrium will become the temporary entrance to the building during Phase 2. We will move the membership welcome desk and security to the new entrance. Stay tuned for details on how to best access this entrance.

There will be some reduced parking, since some of the front area will be the staging ground for the construction trailers. Additional accommodations for accessible parking will be made as needed.

YES. Additional parking spaces will be added to the main lot as a part of this project.

A drop-in playspace will return to the Park Heights campus in early 2025.

The majority of this area will be renovated during Phase 3. During this period we will continue to offer comprehensive fitness, group fitness, and locker room experiences. More details will come in late 2024.

The pool will not be affected and will continue to operate throughout construction. Entrance to the pool and locker room facilities will be renovated and enhanced which will lead to some temporary facilities during Phase 3.

We are still finalizing plans but will continue to maintain a minimum of three group fitness studios at all times during renovation.

We will continue to run various programs including dance, art, and some sports programs, and are developing summer youth engagement programs. More details to come!

Rentals will be extremely limited. For rental information, contact Taryn King.

Yes, we will continue to run occasional Happy Glaze programs.

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