Due to new COVID-19 restrictions announced by Baltimore City, Group Fitness classes at the Weinberg Park Heights will be temporarily suspended, effective December 13, 2020.  Join us for new women’s only classes in Owings Mills. 

Shabbat candle lighting: 4:40pm

Virtual J: Personal Training

Keep up with your fitness goals by having a virtual personal training session! We are excited to present workout videos that provide simple and clear step by step instructions that you can follow from the comfort of your own home. Join us today!

Featured Video: Justin Dominick's 2x3 Workout

Justin Dominick's 2x3 Workout
Justin Dominick's Descending Ladder Workout
Foam Rolling with Adam Stein
Baruch Glazer's Day 1 Day 2 Workout
Surena Cohen's Family Workout
Blake Piesto's 20 Minute AMRAP Workout for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Abbie Friedberg's Bleacher Workout
Justin Dominick's One Dumbbell Workout
KLAL Sunday Funday Workout with Blake Piesto
Justin Dominick's Matzah Ball Workout

David van Dinter's Towel Workout (Streamed March 26)
Training Session with Blake Piesto (Streamed March 23)
Training Session with Emily Goren (Streamed March 23)
Fight Gone Bad Workout with Justin Dominick
David van Dinter's Paper Plate Workout
Justin Dominick's Backpack Workout
Mobility and Stability with Sean Shuman
David van Dinter's Milk Jug Workout
The 5 Gallon Workout with David van Dinter

Denard Smith's Dining Set Workout
Workout at Home with Personal Trainer Ann Berey

Four Part Home Workout with Personal Trainer Blake Piesto
Stair Exercises with Personal Trainer Emily Goren
Swiss Ball with Personal Trainer Bernie Bondroff: Part 1
Swiss Ball with Personal Trainer Bernie Bondroff: Part 2
Swiss Ball with Personal Trainer Bernie Bondroff: Part 3