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Virtual J: Holidays

Our team is dedicated to providing virtual programming to help keep you and your family engaged during the holidays. We invite our community to come together and celebrate these holidays with our virtual Passover and holiday videos.

Event: The "Good Parts" Second Night Virtual Community Seder

Thursday, April 9 | 7:30pm
Many thanks to the 80 participants between the ages of 11 and 93, who joined the Seder! Telling the Passover story from generation to generation with the JCC community was a special treat for the Shalva family. Happy Passover to all!

Join our Virtual Seder!  Join our Chief Arts Officer Sara Shalva and Rabbi Benjamin Shalva and their family for an intergenerational community wide virtual seder experience. This is a musical (with instruments), mindful, abbreviated and uplifting seder experience for single people, empty nesters and families with children ages eight and above. 

Watch: Virtual-J Passover Videos


More Videos: 
Matzah Ball Workout with Justin
Passover Trivia with Shira

Matzah House Challenge with Shira
10 Plagues of Egypt Family Friendly Workout with Rebecca

Celebrate Passover with J Camps Part 1: Pharaohs and Pyramids
Celebrate Passover with J Camps Part 2: Story + Project
Celebrate Passover with J Camps Part 3: Songs & Poems | Seder Enchancements, Songs & Poems Document

Storytime with Miss Jackie: Pesach, Pesach
Storytime with Miss Dani: P is for Passover

Watch: The Gefilte Film

With Happy Passover greetings, the Baltimore Jewish Film Festival committee shares this new short film by New York-born director Rachel Fleit:  Each year, the Hermelin family of Detroit come together to celebrate Passover by eating Gefilte fish. While simple on the surface, gefilte is filled with history and meaning. However, “the dish of gefilte isn’t about the fish,” says the Brooklyn-based writer and director. Instead, “it becomes a lightening rod, in which we project all of our feelings about family, identity, tradition, struggle, loss—and as always, love." Share The RecipeWatch The Film


Online Classes: Unpacking the Haggada
Enjoy this four-part online educational series led by Dr. Noam Weissman, SVP of Education at OpenDor Media. Sessions topics include The Origins of the Pesach Seder, The Haggada as a Multimedia Experience, Pesach and Resilience, and the Haggada’s Response to Anti-Semitism.  Watch the Series

Ten Minute Dayenu Virtual Seder
The Jewish Grandparents Network offers the “Ten Minute Dayenu Virtual Seder” designed for multi-generational families to use on the shared video platform of your choice.
Upload the Dayenu Seder

How to Host a Virtual Seder
A living, collaborative, crowdsourced document designed to pull together resources for hosting meaningful, fun virtual seders in these physically distant, spiritually intense times. Learn More
A comprehensive guide for hosting a collaborative, meaningful seder — even when the guests are physically far away. Learn More

Pared Down Passover - Seder and Weekday Meal Plans
From Jewish cookbook author Leah Koenig Learn More

The 11th Plague? Passover in a Pandemic
Jodi Rudoren, Editor-in-Chief of the Forward, hosts a panel conversation about how Jews are approaching and adapting the holiday, featuring Archie Gottesman, co-founder of JewBelong; the renowned cookbook author Joan Nathan; Abby Pogrebin, journalist and author of My Jewish Year, a book exploring observance of 18 holidays; and Rabbi David Wolpe of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. Watch the Video

A Different Pesach: Ideas for Solo and Small Sedarim
Pesach will be uniquely challenging for everyone this year. This is a different time, in very different circumstances. This document is a bit of a choose-your-own adventure for those who will be making Seder on their own this year, or trying an uber-tiny Sedarim. Learn More

Batsheva Dance Company
Get inspired to re-imagine Passover with this ballet piece: Watch The Video

Passover Activities for Kids

  • Celebrate and explore the holiday of Passover with these hands-on activities. Loaded with engaging arts and crafts projects and delicious recipes to try, this collection of Passover activities help kids explore the culture and significance behind the ancient holiday. Learn More
  • Get in the Passover spirit with these six downloadable activity pages for kids, including puzzles, crafts, fun sheets and more! Learn More
  • Get crafty and learn how to make your very own matzah cover with Berkeley artist Claire Sherman. No sewing skills required! Watch The Video
  • Learn the Four Questions (Ma Nishtana) - whether you're the youngest child yourself or you're coaching someone else, practice saying the words and learn how to sing them. Watch The Video
  • What to expect at the Seder: this video explains the basics, from the props on the table to the songs people sing. Watch The Video

Get recipes, craft projects, seder tips and more: