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Meyerhoff Art Gallery

Your visit to The Gordon Center offers a well-rounded arts experience. Admission to the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Art Gallery is FREE and open to the public prior to all Gordon Center performances, and also by appointment.

Juliet Gilden

Drawn: The People, Places and Cultures That Call Out to the Creative Mind
January — March 2023

About the Exhibit
Social justice, compelling individuals, nations and ethnic groups yearning to be heard, these are things that demand the attention of the conscientious artist and that are the subjects of my exhibition. A painter's mission is to tell a story as richly and deeply as it can be told within a single frame. When the work is at its highest level the results can astonish even the artist, who like the viewer, discovers layers of meaning and sources of humor and wisdom. This exhibition is all about people, unusual and ordinary. They are engaged in things as important as love or as banal as politics. The essence of what is inside the mind and the heart is the subject of my work.

About the Artist
Juliet Gilden is an artist who primarily paints acrylics on paper and canvas.  Her studio is located in Baltimore, MD and she was trained at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Juliet's free-form style reinterprets reality on her own loose terms, showing the world she sees as sunny, funny and optimistic. She is Influenced by an eclectic mix of styles and artists — everything from surrealism to realism, Botticelli to Botero.  Mostly, however, she is inspired by the works of her own mother, Miriam Bransky Gilden, a respected professional artist of more than 60 years before she passed away in October 2013. Juliet's subjects include women at their most vulnerable and powerful, animals — both domestic and wild, astrology, and social justice.  More at

Stacy Lund Levy

Painting Life
March — April 2023

About the Exhibit
All of the paintings are of different subjects, but all are from my everyday life. My art gives me happiness and satisfaction, mainly in the process of its creation. To me, creating any art is a continuous series of mini puzzles that need solutions. Each type of material used has infinite opportunities and possibilities. As I am working, I am asking myself a series of questions, starting with, how will this work? I continually look for “clues” in my subject. If I have answered all the questions, and solved all the puzzles, the result is tremendously satisfying to me and hopefully the viewer.

About the Artist
Artist and Baltimore native, Stacy Lund Levy, has been creating art in many forms since kindergarten. She earned an undergraduate degree from Hood College in Biochemistry as well as a Masters Degree at The Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine program. Combining her natural artistic talents with her intellectual interest in anatomy and science, she initially worked as a medical illustrator. Stacy then opted to establish Lund Art Studios, a career move that enabled her to take on a variety of clients both locally and nationally, and also to jury shows, teach classes and workshops, give demonstrations, and exhibit her artwork.

Artist and Baltimore native Stacy Lund Levy works primarily in watercolor, and is a signature member of the American, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Watercolor Societies. Her work can be viewed at, on Instagram @Artorangutan, and at the ManneqART Museum.

Art Submissions

The Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Art Gallery accepts submissions for each season on an ongoing basis. The gallery is located in the Gordon Center for Performing Arts, a 550-seat performing arts center that features professional talent in music, dance, film, comedy, theater and more.

The gallery provides a creative space for Maryland artists to showcase and sell their works. Proposals will be juried by the Gordon Center's art gallery committee. Opportunities are available for two month exhibitions. Seeking works on paper, photographs, paintings and textiles. Please, no 3-D exhibits accepted at this time.

To submit work for consideration, please send the following via email to Melissa Seltzer at

• Artist resume and biography
• 4-10 images of work
• Details for each piece including: Title, Year, Dimensions, Medium, and Price.

Submissions are reviewed year-round for future exhibitions. Selected artists will be responsible for delivery, installation and de-installation of the artists' work.


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