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Meet our Shlichim

Build your family's connection to Israel 

Every summer our JCC welcomes young Israeli men and women who have recently completed their military service as counselors (Shlichim) to join our camp staff. The goal of this program is to give campers a visual and cultural taste of Israel and how it connects to their Jewish heritage. 

Emily Stern, the Senior Director of J Camps spent a week in Israel this spring getting to know our Shlichim and preparing them for their J Camps experience.  "We always look for warm and engaging leaders who know how to instill in your child an excitement and love of all things Israel."

And now without further ado, we introduce you to our Shlichim…

Neta Novik

Neta Novik is 21 years old and lives in Ramat Gan.  She completed her service in the Israeli army 2 months ago, having served as a sport instructor. Neta is currently studying for the psychometric (similar to our SATs.) She loves to dance, travel and “generally loves life itself.”

Omer Barnea

Omer Barnea is 22 years old, a resident of Tel Aviv, and the oldest of four siblings. She is very excited to come to Baltimore and be a part of J Camps. Omer loves dancing, hiking, travelling, film, and being with friends and family. She served in the Israeli army for two years and last year travelled to South America and the U.S., visiting the West Coast and New York City. 

Yifat Barkay

Yifat Barkay is 23 years old and was born and raised Israel in a religious kibbutz located in the Lower Galilee called Bet Rimon. She completed her Israeli army service two years ago and is currently traveling the National Israeli trail.

Bar Gutman

Bar Gutman is 20 years old and lives in Kfar-yona, a small city in the middle of Israel. She has two younger brothers: Ofir, 19 years old, a soldier in the IDF; and Gal, 10 years old. Her mother, Ayelet, is a fondant cake designer, and her father, Eran, works at the "Shikun Binui" company. In Bar’s free time she likes to play sports, go to the beach, and bake cakes. 

Noa Tal

Noa Tal is 23 years old. She has one brother and one sister and lives in Shoham, a small city near the Israeli airport. She currently works as a waitress and in October she will move to Jerusalem and begin studies in the Hebrew university. Her hobbies include playing sports, traveling, and baking. 

If you've ever wanted to learn more about Israel or strengthen your connection to the Jewish state then we hope you will consider opening your home for three weeks or more to one of our Israeli counselors. Learn more about this wonderful opportunity.