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Jews of Color and Allies

Jews of Color and Allies

Jewish individuals, and other Americans, are in a moment of potential vulnerability and growth, as more and more people recognize privilege and realize the need to move from non-racist to anti-racist beliefs and actions.


Past Events:

Roots, Rhythm, and Resilience: Musical Intersections of Black and Jewish Diasporas

With musicians and educators Denise Williams and Jordan Klapman
This four-part virtual lecture and concert series explores the cultural, musical, and political intersectionality of Black and Jewish cultures throughout the centuries – the effects of their forcible migrations and marginalizations, common struggles for equality, musical assimilations, and quests for bridging the gaps. Presented by the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre in hounour of Black History Month.
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The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project

The JCC and the Gordon Center are pleased to partner with the Jews of Color Mishpacha Project to present the National Shabbaton as well as workshops for the BIPOC Jewish community and allies. The Jews of Color Mishpacha Project exists to bring together individuals, communities, organizations, and Jewish institutions to build a gathering place for Jewish People of Color (JOC) and their families/allies/accomplices. This spiritual, communal, and religious project focuses on building community and connection among JOC across geographic regions, spiritual practices, life experiences, and denominations.

Jewish Institutions: This Is What Jewish People of Color Need You to Know
Presented by District Community Playback Theatre
Conversations about race, ethnicity, space, and belonging have become central to Jewish thought and social action as the last year has unfolded. These conversations are especially important when considering the experiences of Jewish People of Color interacting with Jewish Institutions across the United States.
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National Shabbaton Program 2021
A collaboration among JOC organizations and Jewish Social Action organizations across the country, the program facilitates an intergenerational community conversation for Jews of Color. Lived experience varies by generation and it can bring both comfort and joy to hear each other’s stories and make connections with one another in a meaningful way.
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Virtual Workshops
A series of virtual workshops that center engagement for Jewish People of Color.
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Amplifying Voices

A Series on the Intersection of Black and Jewish Identities
Presented in partnership with the Tucson JCC
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Live-captioning is available through Maryland Relay Service. Learn More ->


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The Gordon and the JCC bring arts enrichment & cultural events to the community. We offer high-quality arts classes, trips, films and other creative opportunities for adults as well as dance, music and performing arts programs for youth. You can find them at the Gordon Center or in the classrooms and studios of the Rosenbloom Owings Mills and Weinberg Park Heights JCCs. 

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