Del McCoury Band | Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore
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Del McCoury Band

Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 8:00 pm

Even among the pantheon of music’s finest artists, legendary bluegrass guitarist Del McCoury stands alone. From the nascent sound of bluegrass that charmed hardscrabble hillbilly honkytonks, rural schoolhouse stages, and the crowning glory of the Grand Ole Opry -- to the present-day culture-buzz of viral videos and digital streams, Del is the living link.

Now helming the Del McCoury Band with sons Ronnie and Rob, the ensemble represents a large and growing musical community in Maryland and beyond, a torchbearer for the sweep and scope of bluegrass history.

On the band’s latest release, Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass - a title that echoes his 1968 debut on Arhoolie Records, Del McCoury Sings Bluegrass - Del and the boys bring home another stellar collection of traditional bluegrass music. With 14 songs brimming with hot licks, classic songcraft, even some boundary-stretching electric guitar, and once again, Del’s matchless vocal delivery, the Del McCoury Band moves up the gold bar standard of bluegrass yet another notch.

“What I like in a record is variety of moods, of tempos,” Del says. “I consider myself traditional at heart, but I don’t have any boundaries. I’m just a guy that likes to sing and play music. Whatever strikes me to do I’ll do it. Without wrecking things.”

Please note that dancing is permitted at your seat and near the stage.