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Dance Performances

Nothing makes our stage come alive like the dramatic movement of dance. Every year the Gordon Center welcomes an internationally-renowned dance troupe who also participates in community engagement with dance students from Baltimore County Public Schools. This outreach is supported by the Baltimore County Commission on Arts and Sciences.

Take a Leap 2023: Celebrating Black History Month through Dance

The Gordon Center for Performing Arts, in partnership with the Baltimore Black Dance Collective, is hosting a month-long celebration of Black Dance in America, throughout the month of February as part of Black History Month. In addition to a public performance of Hiplet Ballerinas on Tuesday, February 28, there will be workshops, classes, and other performances throughout the month.

On February 7-8, over 1000 Middle and High School students at Baltimore County Public Schools will experience the Sole Defined dance company on the Gordon stage, followed by a public performance on the evening of Wednesday, February 8. Based in Washington D.C., Sole Defined is the area’s leading arts organization specializing in percussive dance — using the body as an instrument to create musical expression.  Advancing styles such as Tap, Stepping, Body Percussion, Sand Dance and Gumboot, this BIPOC led company infuses powerful skills to delight and inspire audiences.

On Thursday, February 16, the Gordon Center is hosting CELEBRATION: Uplifting and Honoring the Culture and History of Black Dance. Featuring original dance performances by local artists, companies, and dance studios, this will be a celebration of the history, diversity, and beauty that resides within African American Culture through the voices of community artists from around Baltimore County. The showcase will highlight select dance works from the wonderfully diverse and eclectic range of our local dance community. Companies include: Full Circle Dance Company, Keur Khaleyi African Dance & Cultural Institute, Inc., Ballet After Dark, Stephanie Powell DanseEnsemble, and Dance Baltimore.

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The Gordon and the JCC bring arts enrichment & cultural events to the community. We offer high-quality arts classes, trips, films and other creative opportunities for adults as well as dance, music and performing arts programs for youth. You can find them at the Gordon Center or in the classrooms and studios of the Rosenbloom Owings Mills and Weinberg Park Heights JCCs. 

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