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Baltimore County Artists Relief Grant

Baltimore County Artists’ Relief Grant

We are pleased to announce the 33 winners of the 2021 Baltimore County Artists’ Relief Grant. Each of these talented individual excels in visual art, photography, nonfiction writing, music, theater, or dance.  


Allen Xing

Music and Composing:
Alan T Blackman

Nonfiction Writing:
Heather Rounds

Dylan Chao

Natka Bianchini

Visual Arts:
Michael Kirby


Maria Broom
Ryan Johnson

Music and Composing:
Felix Hell
Yonatan Grinberg
Jared Denhard
Seth Kibel
Sahffi Lynne
Tahmar Gaither
Joshua Christina
Kenneth Wise
Angela Quick
Joshua Lay
Guy Bragg
Janet Paulsen
Jacob Gebler

Nonfiction Writing:
Rose Anderson
Diane Gensler
Madeleine Mysko

Geoffrey S. Baker
Tanesha Davis
Kei Ito
Stephen Spartana
Ashton Wilson

Jesse Baxter
Jocelyn Lay

Visual Arts:
Moonjoo Lee
Mike McConnell

About the Grant
The intention of this grant is to support artists who have seen diminished activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three organizations rooted in Baltimore County — the Gordon Center for Performing Arts, Contemporary Arts, Inc., and the Historical Society of Baltimore County — are supporting Baltimore County based artists in order to strengthen our communities. Each organization will be focused on particular areas of art, and each will have its own grant review team. The program will award grant recipients up to $2,000 each. The grant award recognizes merit for current work, a body of artistic work, a new live performance, or a future project. These awards are for individual artists, not organizations.

To qualify for this grant artists must:

  • Be a Baltimore County resident or work in Baltimore County.
  • Not be currently supported by any of the granting organizations.
  • Be an artist in one of the following categories:
    • Nonfiction writing
    • Photography
    • Music performance or composition
    • Dance
    • Visual arts
    • Theater (Actors, Directors, Playwrights)
  • Not eligible are: producers, agents, or technical workers.

Awards are reviewed in the summer and winners are announced in early fall.

For questions about eligibility or applications, contact:

Writing and Photography:
James Keffer, Historical Society of Baltimore County:

Barbara Grubbs, Contemporary Arts, Inc.:

Theater, Dance and Visual Art:
Sara Shalva, Gordon Center for Performing Arts:


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