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Amplifying Voices

Amplifying Voices

A Series on the Intersection of Black and Jewish Identities

Jewish individuals, and other Americans are in a moment of potential vulnerability and growth, recognizing privilege and identifying differently. As more and more people realize the need to move from non-racist to anti-racist beliefs and actions we are witnessing a moment in history pregnant with possibilities.

Amplifying Voices marries internal tshuva -- personal pattern breaking, growth and reckoning -- in a series of programs with artists, authors, activities and thought leaders inside and outside the Jewish community to reflect on race, religion and identity.  We invite the Jewish community and beyond into authentic and meaningful conversation designed to move the needle on how we all engage in the world with sensitivity and compassion.  Presented in partnership with the Tucson JCC.

Past Events:

Ritual Intersections in the Music Studio
A musical Freedom Seder in celebration of what unites the Jewish, Black, and Jewish-Black communities. Featuring the Afro-Semitic Experience More

Learning the Land: A Virtual Civil Rights Tour
An interactive discussion with T. Marie King, moderated by Samantha Dubrinsky, Executive Director of the Levite Jewish Community Center  More

By the Book: Understanding the Last 50 Years
With Marc Dollinger, Chair in Jewish Studies and Social Responsibility at San Francisco State University, and Dr. Gil Ribak, Associate Professor at the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Arizona  More

Behind the Screen: Chicago as a Microcosm
Tamar Manasseh in discussion with the Jews of Color Initiative on the documentary film,They Ain’t Ready for Me  More

Jews of Color and Jewish Community Diversity
A lunch and learn discussion with Ilana Kaufman, Executive Director of the Jews of Color Field Building Initiative  More

Stories of Exclusion, Stories of Change:
Jews of Color Speak about Moving from Welcoming to Belonging

With panelists April Baskin, Gamal Palmer and Evan Traylor, moderated by Candace Manriquez Wrenn, Director and Associate Producer for the Marketplace Morning Report  More

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