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Get to know Mrs. Zahava Hochberg

Mrs. Zahava Hochberg is a weekly columnist for a newspaper called The Monsey Mevaser. She created the newspaper column for this paper entitled “Musings Through a Bifocal Lens” which is a unique one-of-a-kind column geared for middle-aged orthodox women. This column is also published in the Where, What When here in Baltimore. 

Recently, Mrs. Hochberg created a new section in The Monsey Mevaser called The Silver Slant. This section features topics of interest from known and unknown writers who are middle aged and beyond. It is a groundbreaking project which allows writers to blossom while sharing their wisdom and experience. 

Zahava enjoys writing immensely and has been writing her whole life. She injects humor, creativity and poetry into her writing and paints a sunny and uplifting picture for people who read her work. she loves the process of writing and editing, and when involved in a piece, sees it as puzzle pieces that need to be arranged to create a flowing and rhythmic cadence. She enjoys words; likes how they sound and how they fit together in sentences and stories. She likes creating titles and bylines as well. 

Aside from writing, Mrs. Hochberg enjoys reading to children, her grandchildren in particular. When not visiting with her children and grandchildren, she volunteers at the Torah Institute either reading books to preschoolers or providing speech therapy, which she is professionally trained in. 

Zahava is grateful to Hashem for giving her the opportunity to write and can be reached at