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An Israeli Love Story

Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 1:00 pm

In advance - $13
At the door - $15

Maryland Premiere
Israel | 2017
Director: Dan Wolman
Hebrew with English subtitles, 93 min.

Based on the true story of the love affair between Pnina Gary, director and actress from Nahalal, and Eli Ben–Zvi, son of Rachel Yanait and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi the second president of Israel, this is an exploration of love and independence. Set in turbulent pre-state Palestine, Eli (Aviv Alush from The Women’s Balcony) and Margalit (Adi Bielski) are torn between their love for each other and where they see their own futures in the Jewish state. In the budding theater world of Tel Aviv and the kibbutzim, Margalit finds her place in the spotlight. Eli is drawn deeper into the armed struggle for Jewish independence from the British.Their love wins, but Israel's harsh reality intervenes.

Special guest: Delphine Gamburg, Director of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Israel

“A thrilling and impressive cinematic experience.” Marat Parkhomovsky, Cinemateque

Winner of Best Actress Audience Award at the Golden Rooster, One Hundred Flower Film Fest ('The Chinese Oscar').

Sponsored by North Oaks.

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