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A Heartbeat Away

Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 7:30 pm

In advance - $13
At the door - $15

Maryland premiere
Israel, 2015
Directors: Tal Barda & Noam Pinchas
Hebrew/English/Swahili with subtitles, 55 min.

Dr. Akiva Tamir, Israeli pediatric cardiologist, and his team travel to Tanzania to examine hundreds of children, of whom only a handful can receive the life-saving treatment. When six year old Julius arrives at the clinic in critical condition, Dr. Tamir must decide whether to operate on the child, who has very little chance of surviving. This is a riveting portrayal of desperate families and the doctors who make life and death decisions.

Special guest: Rabbi David Litwack, Executive Director of Save a Child’s Heart

Sponsored by Sol Levinson & Bros.

Short: Joe’s Violin

Maryland premiere
U.S., 2016
Director: Kahane Cooperman
English, 24 min.

When 91-year old Holocaust survivor Joe Feingold heard that his favorite radio station was collecting instruments for New York City school kids, he decided it was time to let go of the violin he had loved for 70 years. Joe’s instrument found its way to a young musician in the nation’s poorest congressional district. This act of generosity illuminates how a simple act of giving can make a profound impact on another life, as well as on one’s own.