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CTPC Auditions

Audition Guidelines

What to Bring:

  • A recent head shot (picture of your child’s face) to the audition. A wallet size school photo works!
  • A hair tie! Please have your child's hair out of their face for the audition.
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Preparedness to sing 
  • Optional: A 1-2 minute monologue to perform for the directors (this is not required)
  • Optional: Another song that showcases their talents and voice. This will be sung accapella (without musical accompaniment).
  • A positive attitude!

Audition Cut Sheet Music:
Each child will sing the same song selection, as it is required to audition. The lyric sheet represents the length of the song selection. Please be aware that this song selection does not start at the beginning of the song, but in the middle instead. Please pay attention to the notations on the music, as children will be singing the top line of the music. Children are only responsible for the words on the page. See link below to access the sheet music for the audition song.

Audition Song With Vocals and a Backing Track:
Your actor may want to rehearse with the vocals for a little while to work on pitch and understand the complete song. However, please remind your actor that they will perform this song for the directors without the vocals (ie the backing track). This musical accompaniment is what your performer will sing along to for their audition.

What to Wear:
We ask that students wear comfortable, breathable, and easy to move in clothing (leggings and short sleeve shirts for example), with either dance shoes (jazz or ballet) or tennis shoes. For anyone with hair past their ears, please have them wear a headband or tie their hair back to keep it tame and out of their face during auditions.

What to Expect:
As you sign in for your audition, participants will be given numbers (first come first serve) and an information form to fill out. Before the audition begins both parents and children will gather to meet the staff and learn more about our unique theater program and what the rehearsal process is like. Children will then be excused to begin the audition. The whole group will begin the process together, reviewing the audition song all together. After everyone feels prepared and ready, children will start to learn the dance audition with another staff member. One by one, each performer will be called into the studio alone to sing their audition (and any other piece they may have prepared) for the director. At the end, they will perform their dance audition for the director and time permitting, may be able to do some cold readings.

Please Note:
We aim to keep the whole process around two hours.

Third Graders:
CTPC has identified third grade as a transition year between our programs. Third graders have the opportunity to be considered for either production. The artistic team considers which program will be the best fit for your child’s growth and success in this artistic process.

Call Backs:
Some children may be called back for further readings or to sing different songs. There are a variety of reasons the CTPC team calls back children. If your child does not receive a call back, that does not mean they are not cast in the show or won't be cast as a lead, it simply means we saw all we needed to see to make a final decision about admittance to either program.

There are limitations on the cast size and there is a likelihood that not every child who auditions will be invited to join one of the productions. While talent and experience is something the creative team is looking for, we are also looking for children who are hard workers, have raw potential, and who embody the JCC values that our program upholds. Regardless of the outcome, we do our best to ensure that the audition process itself is a positive and supportive experience that every child can walk away from feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Keeping Calm:
Remember: auditions can lead to anxiety, but we want this to be a fun experience! Help your child at home by helping them prepare them for this audition. The more they feel confident walking in the door, the better they will feel during the entire process.

For more information, contact Arts Education Manager, Adrienne Bergeron, 410.500.5938,

Academy Theatre Program Auditions

Auditions are required for this new program designed for the pre-professional student who wants to refine their work in every element of musical theatre.  Students will have access to extensive musical theatre training and master class intensive opportunities, audition technique seminars, and the chance to master the performance experience. 

For the Academy audition, please prepare:

  • 16-32 bars of an audition song.  A pianist will be provided for the audition.
  • 1-2 minute monologue.  Please also be prepared to cold read a scene provided the day of by the director.
  • Be prepared to learn a short dance audition to then be executed and performed for the artistic team.

Will everyone who auditions for the Academy be admitted?  
The JCC  is committed to inclusion. We recognize that this is a rigorous program. We want everyone to strive to be a part of the Academy program, and we want to set our students up for success, which may mean waiting another season to be  admitted.  If we deem that a student is not ready to take on the expansive and more intensive nature of ATP, luckily, we have so many other training programs offered through our theatre and dance sectors!  We will give every child plenty of opportunity to strengthen their skills before auditioning again next season.

You can also sign your child up for private lessons right now! 
If your child is looking for a little more one-on-one attention, our talented staff can assist in acting, dance, and audition technique.  Whether it is a role they have been cast through CTPC or they need some extra attention for their upcoming audition, these individualized lessons are to help strengthen the students confidence, poise, and performance in any realm for the theatre.  Lessons can be arranged for either 30 minutes or 1 hour.  Learn more about private lessons.

For more information or to register for private lessons, contact Arts Education Manager, Adrienne Bergeron, 410.500.5938,


No prior experience is necessary to be a part of any theatre programs.  Additional production fees may apply.  Students who are admitted to the Academy are welcome to also participate in CTPC.  Students who are admitted to CTPC (not CTPC Jr. due to age requirements) will be eligible to audition for the Academy next fall.  


The JCC is dedicated to ensuring that people of all abilities are welcome and included in everything that we have to offer. Please let us know if you or your loved one needs accommodations to take part in any of our programs or events, and we will do our best to make it happen. Please contact Helene Rapaport,