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Meyerhoff Early Learning Center


After careful consideration, always with the health, safety and best interest of our children, families, and teachers in mind, we have decided to merge our two Early Learning Centers into one program this fall in Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC campus. 

The combined school at the Stoler Early Learning Center will open on Monday, August 31, and will be guided by a robust management team led by Carly Schwartz, Senior Director, J Early Childhood and Meyerhoff ELC Director, and Dani Ashendorf, Stoler ELC Site Director. Many of our Park Heights ELC teachers will be joining us at Owings Mills, and our staff is excited to learn from each other and meet your children.

While this was not an easy decision, we believe it is the most prudent one for our entire early childhood community. Ideally, we want both our ELCs open to serve our community, and we are committed to moving back to a two school model as soon as it is possible. Our commitment to providing excellent supervision, safety, and education is always our top priority. 

For more information, or to schedule a virtual tour of our Stoler ELC in Owings Mills, contact Carly Schwartz at

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Infant/Toddler Care, Ages 3-24 Months

Observing and Encouraging Your Child

At the Meyerhoff Early Learning Center (ELC), we have cultivated an engaging and fun environment to help facilitate your child's development. Our MSDE licensed teachers eagerly embrace the philosophy of education that combines a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for all. The JCC offers individual cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, and developmentally appropriate toys in our state-of-the-art, self-contained facility to ensure each child is properly cared for.

Our teachers continually observe, document, and encourage your child to meet their educational needs through an age-appropriate curriculum. We strive to provide the same care your child receives at home and are committed to working with parents to maintain individual schedules and needs.


Our loving and caring teachers bond and develop with infants in a special classroom designed for gross motor and sensory exploration. With plenty of open space and developmentally appropriate toys, our classroom is a stimulating environment that helps form a foundation for future learning. As your baby begins to organize and command their environment, they will receive personalized attention and care. To help them grow and learn, we work on movement, including rolling over, crawling, and pulling up. We will also work on encouraging your baby to eat independently.

As your baby becomes more mobile and independent, they will move to a room where they will experience additional opportunities for further exploration and developmental growth. We encourage immersive learning in which your infant will explore their environment, both indoors and outdoors, and in areas that are specific to their needs. Our program focuses on the whole child, including cognitive development, language development, physical development, and social-emotional development through various approaches to learning. We closely partner with parents throughout the program to ensure we meet the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional needs of their baby. 


 Energy and excitement are essential factors in your child's growth and learning journey. We channel this energy into positive learning experiences in which your toddler will have the opportunity to explore exciting activities, including gym, music, water play, cooking, and art. While in a highly supportive and supervised setting, your toddler will learn to gain control over their environment while also gaining independence. Through stimulating classroom environments, milestone-based curriculum, immersive learning experiences, sensory experiences, dramatic play, and more, your child will be mastering emerging milestones.

Learning experiences in our classroom will lay a foundation that addresses the evolving developmental needs of your child, including intellectual, language, physical, social and emotional development. This foundation will shape your child for future learning and social experiences. At the J, we provide a secure and loving environment to help your child meet the appropriate milestones. Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, one of the foremost teachers, wrote, "The home can do little without the school, but the school can do nothing without the home. Alas, if they do not go hand and hand." As such, we dedicate ourselves to working with parents to create a well-functioning partnership between home and school.


Your child will spend their time in a warm, nurturing environment led by experienced, MSDE certified early childhood educators.

At the Meyerhoff ELC, we help build your child's self-confidence and encourage social interaction that will allow them to understand their relationships with others.

We value your child's ideas, which is why we strive to create an engaging environment where your child can explore and understand how the world works. We carefully observe, listen, and document your child's unique ideas to ensure they gain a positive self-image and self-confidence. By encouraging them to share their ideas with others as well as collect ideas, your child will be presented with a variety of learning opportunities. Through this constant exploration of sharing ideas, asking questions, and gaining new perspectives, we are there to help your child throughout their learning process.

Daily Activities

American Red Cross Certified Swim (ages 3+) | Creative play | Physical Movement | Music | Art | Science | Healthy Choices | Story time | Cooking

Facility Features

Outdoor Playground | Child-size bathrooms | Multi-Purpose Studio | J Town | Gym | Pool | Auditorium

Healthy Choices Curriculum

The Meyerhoff ELC's Healthy Choices Curriculum is an excellent program if you promote healthy eating practices in your home. Our staff is committed to introducing your child to healthy foods like kale, quinoa, and kiwi. We encourage your child to "try" these snacks to help them develop an awareness of the importance of nutritional, healthy eating. 

Meyerhoff ELC Director

Carly Schwartz is the Senior Director of J Early Childhood Education, responsible for providing overall leadership and vision for the J Early Learning Centers. She strives to inspire and lead in an innovative way, adapting to the characteristics and varying needs of individuals and situations. As an area of expertise, Carly promotes a culture of reflective practice in which all members of the ELC community are learning and growing together. 
Carly also serves as the Director of the Meyerhoff ELC. Prior to her move to Baltimore in 2015, Carly worked for JCC MetroWest in New Jersey, where she served as Director of Children, Youth and Teen Services which included overseeing several camp programs. A Brandeis University graduate, Carly holds two Masters degrees: an MBA in Social Policy and Management, and an MA in Jewish Communal Service. She also received a BA from the University of Florida, in Jewish Studies. Carly lives in Lutherville with her husband, Mike, and her two children, Sammy and Libby. 

Contact: Carly Schwartz | 410.500.5903 |

Program Hours

All 2020-21 programs will run Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm.
(Friday closing hours vary by Shabbat times)

At this time, we are unable to offer Part-Time, Early Drop Off and Late Stay options.

Camp Ami

Meyerhoff ELC | Weinberg Park Heights JCC | Ages 2-5
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