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You Thought Camp Was Over? Not Quite Yet!

By Rabbi Ariel Platt, Director of J Life

It happened. I blinked, summer is over, and school is starting. Back to the hustle and bustle of the school year. Let’s face it, our lives revolve around school calendars, and extracurriculars, plus work, and so much more. No big deal, right?! Who wants to sigh with me?

What if you could have one more summer experience with your family? One last hurrah together before your family becomes fully consumed by life’s craziness. The summer was spent sending your kids to camp. What if you could participate in a camp together? A great chance to reset together before Rosh HaShanah, the New Year.

I have to admit I’ve never gone to a family camp, and it’s been years since I have gone to an actual summer camp. My memories of summer camp involve laughing with my friends, getting my hands...

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CSA: The Final Kiah

For the past 30 years Jen Lake (AKA Ms. Jen) and her and her father’s business, Comprehensive Survival Arts (CSA), have been a large part of the Jewish Community Center of Greater Baltimore. That is why it is with bittersweet sentiments that we inform you that Jen and her father, have decided to close CSA after this summer, to pursue a new career.

CSA was started in the 1970’s by Jen’s father, Douglas Lake, where it was initially located out of Doug’s basement. Over the years, Doug and Jen would travel to different schools and special events to teach martial arts.   In 1991, CSA began its’ partnership with the JCC by bringing their program to Camp Milldale, the JCC’s former offsite day camp. After a successful summer, the Lakes were invited to instruct classes at the Park Heights JCC...

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Meet Our Camp Koolanu Director: Rabbi Uri Meyers

Summer is right around the corner and Camp Koolanu is preparing for the best summer ever with our new Camp Director, Rabbi Uri Meyers. Rabbi Meyers is a longtime educator, currently teaching in the lower school at the Berman Hebrew Academy in Rockville, Maryland and comes with a strong and well-rounded camp background working as a camp counselor, division head and learning Rebbe. With his humor, enthusiasm, and a passion for working with children, Rabbi Meyers is looking forward to joining the Koolanu family and sharing an amazing summer with all the Koolanu Campers! Get to know Rabbi Meyers better, below!

Q: Why is camp so important to you?...

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Meet Payten Coston

TNT Camper 2018 & 2019

How did you learn about the TNT program at the JCC?
We learned about TNT through friends in the community and then we explored the website. The JCC’s website was user friendly and provided great information about the TNT program. Additionally, the parent information session was very informative and organized.

You did two years with TNT? Why did you decide to return? What did you gain from the program?
We did two years of TNT because it was a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to make new friends of diverse backgrounds and provide service to others. TNT at the JCC is a well-run program with dedicated staff members and caring adults...

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Summer Science and Circus Adventures

J Camps Plus lets Parents and Campers Mix Things Up!

Are you looking for an incredible summer learning adventure for your camper – a place where you know your child will still get to play, swim and celebrate, but also have a fun time creating, exploring and learning new things? 

J Camps Plus provides busy families with one-week camp experiences in the STEM, Creative Arts, Nature, and Lifestyle categories.  These shorter creative camp options are perfect for coordinating around vacations, sleepaway camp, and end-of-summer plans.   

Our partners - who are experts in the fields of Science, Arts, and more - share their backgrounds and insights on these specialized camps:

The Science Guys of Baltimore (X-treme Science at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC and X-treme Science at the Downtown Baltimore JCC)


Shlichim Counselors at Camp
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Continuing a J Camps Connection in Israel

This June, Robin and Jason Katcoff jet to Israel with daughters Wriley, 12, and Ariella, 9, for Wriley’s Bat Mitzvah.  They’re so excited, not only because Wriley will have her Bat Mitzvah in Israel as part of a tour with Beth Am Synagogue, but for four days beforehand, the family will embark on a great “Shlichim tour,” visiting several of the shlichim they have hosted for J Camps and Noah’s Ark Camp and the Macks Center for Jewish Education, here in their Owings Mills home over the last five years.

Shlichim is the plural form of the Hebrew word “shaliach,” which means “emissary” or “messenger.” Each summer, J Camps plays host to several shlichim, to increase Jewish awareness and knowledge and to promote an understanding of Israeli ideals among J Camp campers and the camp...

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Protecting the JCC Village

Child Abuse Prevention Training at J Camps and the J

By Drew Fidler, LCSW-C
Policy & Program Development Manager
Baltimore Child Abuse Center

For the last four years, the JCC of Greater Baltimore and its J Camps team have been working with Baltimore Child Abuse Center (BCAC) to bring comprehensive, practical training about child abuse, neglect, and responding to children in crisis to JCC staff. The goal of training is three-fold: protect children, protect staff, and protect the JCC. This partnership provides all staff with a comprehensive understanding on what is...

The Power of J Day Camp

Creating Mensches with Shabbabah 

There is a story of a beloved teacher, Rabbi Zusya, who had become old and taken ill.  His students came to visit him and Rabbi Zusya began to weep.  The students ask the great teacher, “Reb Zusya, why do you weep? Surely, if anyone is slotted for a good life in the world to come, it must be you!” 

Reb Zusya responded, “My dear ones, if when I pass into the next world I am asked ‘Why were you not an Abraham?’ I will have no hesitation to answer, ‘Because, I was not born an Abraham.’ So too, if I am to be asked, ‘And, why were you not a Moses?’ I will still confidently respond ‘Nor was I born a Moses.’ My children, I weep because there is only one question I fear to be asked, ‘Why were you not Zusya?’”  

This story is foundation upon which we seek to grow our community at...

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The Camp Question

By Marnie Goldman 

There comes a moment in most parents’ annual decision making routine that wracks their brain and either causes hours of distress or equal amounts of euphoria…what to do about camp this summer?!

In moments like this, it’s usually more moms who panic than dads. Mom’s over-think every detail down to: who will sit with my kid on the bus, who is driving said bus and who is responsible for slathering my kid in the highest SPF known to mankind?!

For the more experienced parents, camp applications are already being filled out and checks mailed in late January. That leaves weeks of agonizing and 20-questioning for the newbies or those who just can’t make up their minds.

For clarity sake, I have been sending my child to Noah’s Ark for the past two summers. This years’ dilemma is that many of her...

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Inclusion Programs at the J

February is national Jewish Disability Awareness & Inclusion Month. T.J. Casser is the father of Ethan Casser, a seven year old boy who has Autism and pronounced communication delays. Ethan has attended J camps and has been actively involved in JCC inclusion programs. Please read along as T.J. shares some of his experiences here at the J and the wisdom he has gained in caring for his son.

Inclusion Programs at the J: A Father's Point of View
By T.J. Casser

Nothing prepares you for having a child with special needs.  We all plan for having intelligent, talented, successful children who have the freedom and ability to pursue their dreams.  Images of school during the...