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4Front Teen Programs

Tomorrow isn’t waiting for you. It’s morphing, evolving, always in flux. It’s there to be shaped by your hands, and the hands of young people like you at the forefront of progress. 4front is Baltimore’s open channel to high-school -age Jewish teens. We connect, collaborate, influence, and enact positive change and innovation. For today, tomorrow, and everyone. Spark the future today at the 4front of Jewish social leadership. You left childhood in the rearview. Now let’s see what you can do.

Signature Programs Include:

  • Social Innovation Fellowship
  • Students Taking Action for change (STAC)
  • Diller Teen Fellowship
  • Teen Giving Initiative (TGI)
  • Teen Service Council

Questions? Our team is here to help!
Rabbi Dena Shaffer | Executive Director | | 410.500.5983
Brad Kerxton | Director of Teen Partnerships | | 410.559.3547
Diana Peisach | Director of Innovation | | 410.500.5985
Sam Kahan | Senior Program Associate: Diller Teen Fellows | | 410.843.7477
Jeff Snyder | Program Associate: MSLC, STAC, Teen Service Council | |  410.500.5453