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Towson University Community Dance now at the Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC • Dance classes for ages 3-8

Towson University’s (TU) comprehensive curriculum, renowned faculty and highly trained instructors will be offering excellence in dance education for children at the JCC. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Dance (NASD), the TU Community Dance program promotes an appreciation of the aesthetics of dance as an art form

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Developmental Dance
Age 3. This course stimulates the imagination and inspires creativity, while exploring movement through words, images, and storytelling. Students will examine, interpret and demonstrate fine and gross motor skills through the five Dance Elements: Body, Space, Time, Energy and Force. 6 participant min.
OM  Mon  3:30-4:15pm  1/12-5/18  $234/Guest  $210/Member  34395

Creative Movement
Age 4. Developing a deeper comprehension and application of the five Dance Elements (Body, Space, Time, Energy and Force), students achieve their creative voice while beginning to articulate the foundational movements of dance technique. Curriculum is literacy-based with a new educational theme each semester.
OM  Tue  3:30-4:25pm  1/13-5/19  $252/Guest  $227/Member  34401

Dance Fundamentals
Age 5. Stimulate the imagination and ignite creativity in our dance masterpiece-inspired program class! Dance Fundamentals focuses on teaching students the basic structure of a dance class, movement sequencing, proper placement and position of feet and arms. Students will learn beginner ballet, modern and jazz technique and terminology through famous Ballet, Modern, and Jazz Masterpieces. 6 participant min

OM  Tue  4:30-5:25pm  1/13-5/19  $252/Guest  $227/Member  34398

Ballet Fundamentals
Ages 6-7. Oldest codified technique to date; classes will focus primarily on developing a strong technical foundation, while emphasizing proper alignment, strength, and musicality. 6 participant min. Prior movement experience is suggested, but not required.

OM  Mon  4:30-5:25pm  1/12-5/18  $252/Guest  $227/Member  34402
OM Tue  5:30-6:25pm  1/13-5/19  $252/Guest  $227/Member  34400

Tap Fundamentals 
Ages 6-8. A truly American dance form, Tap dance is a culmination of Irish Step Dancing and African dance developed during the 1900’s in the U.S. Students will be introduced basic tap dance technique, while developing rhythmic skills and musicality. 6 participant min. Prior movement experience is suggested, but not required.

OM  Mon  5:30-6:25pm  1/12-5/18  $252/Guest  $227/Member  34399

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For information about OM JCC dance classes, contact Melissa Berman at 410.559.3593. To register contact Marilyn Zvili 410.559.3510.


Sunday Girls Ballet
Age 3-7. Students will be introduced to the structure of ballet class etiquette, and basic ballet terminology as well as developmentally appropriate exercises that emphasize musicality. Classes cannot be prorated.

Girls Jazz Dance
Students will learn some fancy footwork in this class filled with leaps, jumps, turns, and stomps. All dance and music will be age appropriate and in line with modesty standards in mind.

For information about PH JCC dance classes, contact Merav Levine 410.559.5917.

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