Dance Classes

Spring Classes



Lunch Class Dance Party
Ages 3-5, must be toilet trained. Children are introduced to dance through game-play, storytelling, movement, music and art. Includes bonding over lunch (child brings own meal).

OM  Tue  12:00- 2:00pm  6/24-8/12  $124/Guest $82/Member  33493

Summer Ballet Party
Ages 3-5. This class provides an introduction to the world of dance through storytelling, imagery, and movements. Participants will dress up as butterflies, fairies, and more as part of their dance routine.
OM  Wed  3:30-4:15pm  6/25-8/13  $144/Guest $96/Member  33495

Ballet Tea Party
This class playfully introduces the world of ballet. Children learn the basic positions and movements of ballet useing music, games, creative imagery and stories. Join them for a special tea party after the dancing is over.

*Parents are welcomed to watch or participate with their children in the 2.5-3.5 age group.

Mini Hip Hop Lunch
Ages 3-5. Children learn popular party dances, step-by-step in age appropriate environment. We'll bond during lunch, which children bring.
OM  Thu  12:00-2:00pm  6/19-8/21  $155/Guest $102/Member  32656

Mini Hip Hop

Ages 3-5. Children learn popular party dances, step-by-step in age appropriate environment.

OM  Tues  3:30-4:15pm  6/17-8/19  $120/Guest $80/Member  32654

Hip Hop
Grades 1-3. Children learn hip hop, line dances and the latest dance trends in lots of fun combinations.

OM  Tue  4:15-5:00pm  6/17-8/19  $120/Guest $80/Member  32660

For information about OM JCC dance classes, contact Melissa Berman at 410.559.3593. To register contact Marilyn Zvili 410.559.3510.


Sunday Girls Ballet
Age 3-7. Students will be introduced to the structure of ballet class etiquette, and basic ballet terminology as well as developmentally appropriate exercises that emphasize musicality. Classes cannot be prorated.

Girls Jazz Dance

Students will learn some fancy footwork in this class filled with leaps, jumps, turns, and stomps. All dance and music will be age appropriate and in line with modesty standards in mind.

For information about PH JCC dance classes, contact Merav Levine 410.559.5917.

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