Birthday Parties

Toddler and Youth Birthday Celebrations

We'll supply the experienced facilitator and age-appropriate activities - music, movement, crafts, songs, games, parachute play, bubbles, and use of the Parenting Center  and the room for up to 90 minutes. Our parties feature many themes: music, art and so much more!

Looking for the perfect venue for a party? You could choose to simply rent our toddler-friendly facility for 90 minutes.
Need an experienced party facilitator? We'll send one of our teachers to your home for a stress-free hour of fun!

Rosenbloom Owings Mills JCC

Playtime Party
Ages 1-3. 1 1/2 hour party plus facilitator.

Toddlers enjoy songs, crafts, parachute play, and more. Fee includes use of a classroom for snacks and a take- home craft. Fee: Member: $225; Guest: $275

Linda Lapidus: 410.559.3524; 

Rent J Space
Ages 1-3. 1 1/2 hour party.

We provide the space; you bring the fun! Rent our little gym and classroom.  Fee: Member: $150; Guest: $175

Linda Lapidus: 410.559.3524; 

In-Home Party
Ages 1-3. 1 1/2 hour party plus facilitator.

We bring the party to you! You will work with our party facilitator to design a package including parachute play, bubbles, puppets, and more. Fee: Member: $150; Guest: $150

Linda Lapidus: 410.559.3524; 

Entertainment Party
Ages 3+. 2 hour party plus entertainment.

Furnish your own fun or employ JCC staff and entertainments. Members only. Fee: Member: $135

Sol Kleiner: 410.559.3541; 

Biblical Playground Party
Ages 4+. 2 hour party.

Celebrate on our huge Biblical Playground. Picnic tables available. Members only. Fee: Member: $135; Indoor room: $50

Sol Kleiner: 410.559.3541; 

Sports and Gym Party
Ages 4+. 2 hour party plus sports leader.

First hour of sports activity in a JCC gym with a qualified sports leader. Party may include soccer, basketball, or T-ball. Second hour in a room for refreshments. Members only. Fee: Member: $185  Up to 15 children. Additional children: $5 per child

Sol Kleiner: 410.559.3541; 

Martial Arts Party
Ages 4+. 1 1/2 hour party plus two instructors.

Parties coordinated by Comprehensive Survival Arts (CSA). Includes 45 minutes in the CSA Studio with qualified instructors, and 45 minutes of refreshments. Fee: Member: $275; Guest: $375 | Up to 25 children.

Jen Lake: 410.559.3553

Summer Outdoor Pool Party
Ages 4-8 and 9+. 2 hour party plus instructors.

The first hour is in an age-appropriate pool, and up to one hour for refreshments inside or outside on picnic tables in the Rec Park. Members only. Fee: Member: $185 | Ages 4-8 up to 10 children; Ages 9+ up to 15. Member: $210 | 16-20 children

Sol Kleiner: 410.559.3541; 

Arts & Crafts Party
Ages 5+. 2 hour party plus arts leader.

One hour arts and crafts project with a qualified JCC arts leader, and up to one hour in a room for refreshments. Members only. Fee: Member: $235

Sol Kleiner: 410.559.3541;

Weinberg Park Heights JCC

Dance Party
Ages 3-10. 1 1/2 hour party plus dancer instructor.

Learn new dance moves and games. Choose from Ballet, Zumba Atomics or Jazz dance. Fee: Member: $225; Guest: $275 | Up to 20 kids. Additional children: $5 per child

Happy Glaze Paint Party
Ages 3-12. 11/2 hour party plus facilitator.

Paint ceramics in the JCC’s pottery studio. We offer pre-made ceramic items to choose from along with the paints and glazes you need. Fee: Member: $225; Guest: $275 | Up to 20 painters. Additional children: $9 per child

Swim Party
Ages 6-10. 1 1/2 hour party plus lifeguard.

Pool parties include 60 minutes of swim time and 30 minutes in our party room. Available Monday thru Thursday afternoons. Swim parties must be booked one month in advance. Fee: Member: $225; Guest: $275 | Up to 20 swimmers. Additional children: $5 per child

Sports and Fitness Party
Ages 3-10. 1 1/2 hour party plus coaches.

Soccer, baseball, or football fanatics! Play the game you love with experienced coaches who will teach you techniques to better your game. Fee: Member: $225; Guest: $275 | Up to 20 players. Additional children: $5 per child

J TOWN Party
Ages 1-7. 1 to 1 1/2 hour party.

Imaginations run wild in this new play destination that includes a miniature home, grocery store, veterinarian clinic, bagel shop, combination synagogue/theater, and a real PJ library. The space even contains a “baby garden” built with cushioned floors and walls and enclosed with a white picket fence.

Fee: Member: $225; Guest: $275 | 90 minutes
Member: $150; Guest: $175 | 60 minutes
Additional children: $5 per child | Up to 20 children

For Park Heights birthday parties, contact Merav Levine at or 410.500.5917

Birthday Party Policies

Family of Birthday Child must provide a complete guest list upon request. Birthday Parties are available on Sundays at various times. Guests MUST sign a waiver.
The JCC requires at least one month's notice to book a party. The JCC is not responsible for providing food or entertainment for any party. Full payment is required upon signature of the rental agreement.

Kosher Food Policy
The JCC requires that all food brought into our centers for parties be certified Kosher. Food can be purchased at both JCC locations in Me Latte or Eden Cafe.

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