Drums Alive


Drums Alive® has officially arrived at the OM JCC!

Experience this high energy, power packed workout for the entire family. This unique program is a drumming and dance extravaganza full of exciting yet simple choreography, powerful and fun music all blended together to create an effective, integrative workout for everyone.  Find out more about the health benefits of Drums Alive. 



 Power Beats 

Sundays; 12:00pm & Tuesdays 6:00pm
This class combines cardio and drumming to burn fat, improve physical and mental fitness.

Golden Beats

Mondays; 12:00pm
These classes are specially designed for the senior population. They feature rhythmic patterns of the drum to increase synchronization of brain wave activity which improves mental awareness and self acceptance.

Kids Beats

Thursdays; 4:30pm

Family Beats

One Saturday per month; 3:30pm
Families can exercise and spend quality time together. Kids learn movement, rhythm, and concentration. Drumming provides great exercise and is a healthy and fun way to release stress and aggression.

Check out Drums Alive for yourself- watch the video from our January Launch!


For more information and to register, contact Amy at 410.559.3534 or email aschwartz@jcc.org.

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