Tennis Lessons

We offer year-round tennis programs at the Rosenbloom JCC in Owings Mills.  Classes are run by USNTA certified teaching pro, Adam Stein. On this page you will find a description of ongoing classes.  All participants must bring their own racquet to class.  . In addition to our regular classes, we offer private, semi-private and small group lessons. Pricing varies, call Adam for specifics!

Questions? Call Adam Stein at 410.559.3538 or email Adam.

Munchkin Tennis

Ages 3-5. Introduction to hitting with proper swings using the QuickStart* Program with fun games and special equipment.

Pee Wee Tennis (QuickStart*)

Ages 5-7. This can be a beginning point or the next step for students who have been part of the program as a Munchkin.

Advanced Pee Wee Tennis (QuickStart*)

Ages 5-7. This class is for students who have already participated in a tennis program. Emphasis will be on rallying in the service boxes.

Pee Wee Team Tennis

Ages 6-8. Using the USTA's QuickStart* “practice and play” format, kids learn FUNdamentals of the game serving, rallying, and scoring
by doing. Each week teams will practice and play based on age and skill level. Parents are encouraged to come out and watch matches,
plus lend a hand helping younger kids keep score. We'll wrap up the season with a Pee Wee Team Tennis Tournament!

Junior Tennis (Quick Start*)

Ages 8-10. Stroke development from the baseline.

* QuickStart features smaller racquets, shorter courts, lower bouncing balls, and simplified scoring. It makes it easy and fun for
kids as young as age 6 to learn the game and good sportsmanship.

Advanced Preteen/Teen Tennis

Ages 10 and above. This class emphasizes strategy and putting together competitive skills.

Teen Tennis

Ages 13-17. This class works on all of the skills to play the game.

Cardio Tennis

Ages 13+. This is a fun way to get your cardio workout. We use tennis drills and games to achieve our goal.

Cardio Tennis Express!

Ages 13+. This is an hour version of Cardio Tennis. We will move from start to finish.

H.I.I.T. Cardio Tennis

Research backs High Intensity Interval Training as one of the quickest ways to melt body fat and burn calories. H.I.I.T's bursts of intensity followed by low intensity movement, make it a perfect fit for tennis players to improve conditioning for matches. H.I.I.T. is very intense, so it only makes up a portion of class. Warm Up, H.I.I.T., Core Strengthening, Tennis Drills, Stretching

Teen/Adult Beginner

This class is for those who have never played or have not played for a long time. You will learn all the skills needed to play the game.

Tennis Conditioning

Age 16+. If you want to improve your movement on the tennis court, athletic performance in general, or tighten and tone your core and legs, welcome to the answer. We use fast paced tennis drills, medicine
balls, resistance bands, plyometrics, speed and agility drills weights, bosu balls, etc., to etch the body you want.

Adult Intermediate Tennis

Age 18+. For those who play, but feel they could improve their game.

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