New Equipment at the J! You Hear The News?

Your JCC Fitness Center is now the most cutting edge gym in town.

We've just installed 43 new state of the art machines featuring the premiere TRUE Fitness and Octane cardio equipment lines. You'll now see new equipment about both of our JCC locations! From ipod connections, to stretch cages and treadmills...You can work every major muscle group anyway you want!  Whether you ramp it up or stay on cruise control, we can help you customize your workout to fit your needs.

See why the Stretch Cage is beneficial to your workout!

And better yet . . .

Our certified trainers are on hand to help you take your workout to the next level every step of the way.

Sneak peek view of our new equipment! recum frontsm.jpg

OH! And there's an app for that!

Download True Fitness mobile app and pick your personal trainer, motivational coach, and start tracking your workouts.


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