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The Women's Balcony

Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Maryland premiere
Israel, 2016
Director: Emil Ben Shimon
Hebrew with subtitles, 96 min.

When the women’s balcony in an Orthodox Jerusalem synagogue collapses and leaves the rabbi’s wife in a coma and the rabbi in shock, nobody assumed that the cause was anything more than bad architecture. Then, a charismatic young rabbi warns that the tragedy was a message to the men of the community, who haven’t done enough to ensure the modesty of their women. Rifts ensue, putting faith, marriages, friendships, and traditions to the test.

Sponsored by North Oaks.

Short: Torah Treasures and Curious Trash

Israel, 2016
Director: Paula Weiman-Kelman
English, 24 min.

In this exhilarating film, the 88-year-old outsider artist/feminist/Jewish thinker Jo Milgrom scavenges Jerusalem garbage dumpsters for choice junk which she combines with worn-out Jewish ritual objects rescued from synagogues and funeral homes. Her “visual midrash” is a creative exploration of biblical narratives, spirituality, gender and politics which challenges the religious establishment. You will never look at trash - or Torah - the same way again.