Camp Milldale (grades K-8)



Camp Milldale Day Camp

Every summer just gets better at Camp Milldale! In addition to providing your camper with a warm and supportive environment woven with Jewish values, we are also always adding new activities to enable them to expand their horizons.

Our enhanced 2015 programming model includes:
• Increased options for electives, starting in 1st grade
• Middle School @Milldale for 6th & 7th graders
• Expanded opportunities for free play, social development, and creative programming for all campers.
• All of the general camp activities you know and love are scheduled over each 2-week period – register for 2 consecutive weeks to experience them all!

General Camp Activities Typically Include:
Instructional Swim • Recreational Swim • Sports • Gaga • Nature • Farming • Zip Lines • Science • Cooking • Arts & Crafts • Israeli Culture • Music & Singing • Shabbat Celebrations • Special Guests

Chuggim (Electives)
Beginning in First Grade, campers create their own adventures by choosing their chuggim (electives), which are designed by our staff and may include:
Cartooning • Jewelry Making • Science • Lake • Nature • Athletics • Creative Crafts

Beresheet (Beginning)
Entering Kindergarten and 1st grade • 2-8 Week Sessions 
Campers will be introduced to Milldale’s many traditions and activities in an age-appropriate format. First graders will have an introduction to chuggim.

Olim (Moving Up)
Entering grades 2 and 3 • 2-8 Week Sessions
Campers will benefit from new experiences and build on their existing skills. Participation in chuggim will provide an emphasis on individual growth. Third graders will be introduced to archery, advanced chuggim, and Big Breezy zip line.

Tzofim (Scouts)
Entering grades 4 and 5 • 2-8 Week Sessions  
Every camper creates their own afternoon experience by choosing the chuggim that speak to their individual interests. This program also includes overnights, advanced chuggim, archery, ropes challenge course, climbing wall, and Big Breezy zip line.


Visit or call the Milldale Camp office at 410.559.2390 for more information.



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