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Fierce in the water but friendly on land, our JCC Swimming team has developed a reputation in recent years as the team to beat. Our Summer team is called the Barracudas and they compete in the in the Central Maryland Swim League against other outdoor swim club teams. During the school year our team swims under the Barracudas monikor as well as part of the JCC Association of North America's Mid-Atlantic Swim League.

In 2007 the JCC joined USA Swimming which enables our team and qualifying participants to compete in Maryland Swimming meets year round. This is in addition to our JCC League and Summer Swim Club competitions. Several of our swimmers have set divisional and state records with USA Swimming in recent years.

Team Vision Statement

We Swim for Good Times!

The team’s vision statement can intentionally be read two ways:  First, the team is focused on individual achievement, as objectively measured by “the clock.”  Our team’s philosophy puts a greater value on an individual swimmer performing a best time than a swimmer who wins their race, but does not swim to their best ability.

This first approach leads directly to the second interpretation of this statement:  With emphasis on team achievement and a focus that values individual improvement, the team seeks to provide a structure that encourages holistic growth and development, and provides opportunities for leadership growth and development.

Owings Mills:

While we have rolling tryouts for our swim team during the school year, however we do encourage returning members to tryout from late July to end of October and New members can try out from late August through the end or March. Summer swim team tryouts are held in April and May. All participants must be able to pass American Red Cross Level 5 swim skills in order to qualtify. Age of beginner participants vary depending on skill level and maturity.

Questions? Contact Bill Kirkner at 410.559.3533 | bkirkner@jcc.org or visit the official JCC Barracudas website.

The mission of the JCC Park Heights Penguins Swim Team is to promote a lifetime of physical fitness and wellness by teaching the skills and techniques of competitive swimming. Because of modesty concerns we offer male only and female only teams.

Park Heights:

Try Outs:
Swim Team tryouts are held in the Fall.

Boys-only team practices take places on Sunday and Tuesday nights.
Girls-only team practices take place on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights.

Questions? Contact Shawnise Crawford at 410.559.5931 | scrawford@jcc.org.

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