Swim Team

https://asoft4161.accrisoft.com/baltimorejcc/clientuploads/Logos/youtube.jpgCheck out one of the JCC's swimmers in action on YouTube...

Alan Cherches breaks 23-year-old MARYLAND SWIMMING RECORD 50 yard Freestyle 8 & Under age group

At the JCC In Owings Mills - The Barracudas

Team Mission Statement: We Swim for Good Times

Team Vision Statement: The mission of the Baltimore JCC Barracudas Swim Team is to promote lifetime physical fitness and wellness by teaching the skills and techniques of competitive swimming. We celebrate both individual and team achievements in an environment that respects and honors Jewish identity while striving to serve the needs of the diverse local community.


Find out more about the JCC Barracuda Swim Team here.

Aquatics Director
Bill Kirkner

Aquatics Coordinator
Sue Szembroth



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